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In short about us

The High School and the Higher Professional school of Tourism, situated in the heart of České Budějovice, belongs nowadays to the largest in the South Bohemian region with its 600 students at the secondary school and 120 at the higher educational form. We have been providing and offering a long-time and rich tradition of education for over 30 years, teaching, tutoring and aiming at the fields of Gastronomy, Hotel Management, Hospitality and Tourism. Beside that all we do our best to prepare our students in other educational branches as Economy, Finance, Accountancy and Marketing. Studies of two or three foreign languages (English, German and the choice between Spanish, French and Russian language)enable future graduates to communicate fluently not only in common situations but also with clients and in various entrepreneur activities.

The theoretical education of our vocational program is situated in the historical building on Senovážné náměstí nearby the town center. The High School and the Higher Professional School is provided in the newly reconstructed building in Fráni Šrámka Street. Both buildings meet the requirements of a modern equipped school with up-to-date facilities – using audio-visual technologies in classrooms, two new-built large tuition kitchens, a tuition bar a studio and a serving room, a gym and a fitness center.

As an integral part we shouldn´t omit the possibility of boarding in the school canteen and also the boarding school for non-resident pupils where various socializing events are hold.

The goal of the education consists in mutual cooperation with Bohemian entrepreneurs and associations from Gastronomy, Hotel Industry and Tourism field which help us to ensure and guarantee practical training for pupils/students of our school (for instance Hotel Malý Pivovar, Hotel Zvon, Hotel Clarion Congress hotel...)
Furthermore our school belongs to the members of The European Association of Hotel High Schools, cooperates with international schools of the same focus, primarily with the International Hotel School in Bad Leonfelden.

Study Programs:

1. Hotel and Tourism Industry
a four-year daily course ending with a Maturita (school) leaving exam
2. Collective Boarding
intended for graduates of three-year vocational courses : cook, waiter/waitress, cook/waiter
we offer two-year daily studies or three-year distance studies
3. Gastronomy- focusing on cooking courses
a four-year daily study program completed with Maturita (school) leaving exam with
the possibility of a single final exam and an acquisition of a vocational certificate
4. Apprenticeships: Cook- Waiter/Waitress
a three-year course ending with vocational certificates
5. Higher Professional School of Tourism
a three-year course completed with the „absoloturium“ (leaving certificate – DiS.)
daily form of studies as well as the distance learning offered

Clarion Congress Hotel, České Budějovice
Hotel Budweis, České Budějovice
Hotel Zvon, České Budějovice
Hotel Malý Pivovar, České Budějovice
Restaurace Budvar, České Budějovice
Falkenstein Hotel Grand MedSpa Marien Spa, Mariánské Lázně 
Johannesbad Holding AG & Co. KG, Bad Füssing, Germany


Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola cestovního ruchu
Senovážné náměstí 12
Town: České Budějovice
Zip code: 370 01
Country: Czech Republic

Other/ separated workplace:
Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola cestovního ruchu
Street: Fráni Šrámka 9/1216
Town: České Budějovice
Zip code: 370 04
Country: Czech Republic

Boarding school
Střední škola a Vyšší odborná škola cestovního ruchu
Street: Adamovská 22/608
Town: Rudolfov
Zip code: 373 71
Country: Czech Republic

School Management:

Mgr. Zdeňka Erhartová
Tel. : +420 386 354 263, +420 389 139 323, +420 737 577 627

Deputy Director for theoretical education
Mgr. Petr Kříž
Tel.: +420 387 788 110, +420 727 814 122

Deputy Director for theoretical education
Mgr. Klára Blažková
Tel.: +420 389 139 302, +420 727 814 121

Deputy Director for practical education
Bc. Eva Pluchová
Tel.: + 420 389 139 345, +420 721 392 092

Leader of practical training for High School and Higher Professional School
Bc. Josef Plucha
Tel.: +420 387 788 131, +420 721 372 606

Deputy Director of Education outside the classroom
Bc. Ludmila Pechová
Tel.: +420 389 139 308, +420 606 029 892

Deputy of Economical Department
Bc. Miroslava Steinbauerová
Tel.: +420 387 229 553, +420 727 814 123

The Open Day is planned on 30th of November and on 18th of January from 9am – to 5pm.

Střední škola cestovního ruchu a VOŠ České Budějovice
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